September 8, 2011

Vegetable Garden, Take Two

How can I improve upon last year's garden? Double it. I devoted one 3'x3' raised bed (with insect net, not shown) to red bell peppers and three varieties of tomato (regular, Roma, and grape). In the other, I put the broccoli, lettuce (with more varieties), carrots (with more varieties), and cucumber. I tried the potatoes in the bag again.

This time, the potatoes grew! I got just under a pound, which isn't much but is sure an improvement over last year. The broccoli was huge again, and the tomato plants are trying to push out of the net. The pepper plant is still small but producing a few specimens. I didn't get many lettuce plants or carrots, considering how many seeds I planted. So far I have only harvested the potatoes and broccoli and a few tomatoes.

What is the plan for next year? I want to make my own raised bed, 4'x11', basically covering that whole area. Ambitious, perhaps. But the last two years have shown me that it is at least possible, even for me.

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