September 23, 2011

The Second Stone Wall

The second stone wall is all but finished. I only have about two feet left on the far side. I would like to see if I can make it a bit taller, but I am starting to run out of rocks and still have another wall to build. This one was considerably harder than the first wall for several reasons. First, I had to dig into the steep hill to set the wall, whereas the first was just set on relatively level ground. Second, I had to work under the low branches of the big tree. Bad for posture for carrying rocks. And third, the far side is covered with small rocks, about 4" diameter, which cause a landslide every time I dig out a path for the wall.

I figure I can finish this one with another hour of work, so hopefully by tomorrow. Once the wall is finished, I can back-fill it and start digging the path for the final wall.

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