September 22, 2011

Constructing a New Vegetable Garden Bed

I've been thinking for a while about expanding my vegetable garden. Things have gone so well the last two years I'd love to have more room to try more veggies. Today I constructed the perimeter of the bed. I used 2x6 redwood. The short ends are 4-foot lengths and the long ends are two 6-foot lengths end-to-end. I put a cross brace at the joint to keep it from bowing, and sealed every joint with metal braces suitable for outdoor use. I am quite happy with how it came out.

The next steps will be to remove all the landscape stone from the inside, see if I can get the ground level underneath the wood, start filling it with roughly a 50/50 mix of garden soil and compost, and then constructing the net. Some may think the net is unnecessary, but I don't want my veggie garden serving as a litter box for the neighbor's cat like it was last winter. Finally, if possible, I'd like to scavenge some earthworms I found in the back yard and add them to the mix.

At the end of this season, I will move the two existing 3'x3' beds to the lower tier and consider putting some berry plants in them (my attempt with raspberry failed miserably this year, as I couldn't get the bare-root plants to take to the pots). I have heard it is best to keep fruits and vegetables separate.

I preparation for the new expanded garden, I bought new seeds. In the spring, I will be adding corn, snap peas, green onion, watermelon, spinach, and celery. This fall, I will be planting garlic.

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