October 22, 2011

Small Flower Bed

This is one of our two fences separating us from our neighbors. It's not much to look at, and the northern-facing fence casts a constant shadow on a small part of the lawn. This shaded area is constantly subjected to weeds, moss, and a different look and texture than the rest of the lawn. The lawn itself is not Kentucky bluegrass. We're not sure exactly what it is, but it seems to be a native grass. It is patchy, but slow-growing (I only mowed once this season). Repairing the lawn will be the last thing on our yard to-do list.

Because this small strip of the lawn was so different, and the fence so boring, we decided to put in a small flower bed. It is about two and a half feet wide and about 27 feet long. First I dug out all the existing plants (weeds). Then I dug a narrow trench to put the concrete edging stones, making sure they were straight and lined up vertically to each other. I used a weed cloth over the dirt and tucked under the edgers. Finally, I topped it off with mulch.

In the spring, I'll pick out some shade-loving plants and ornamental grasses to plant there. I don't expect it to be too hard to push aside the mulch, cut open the weed cloth, dig a hole, and insert a plant.

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